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.. built to power the existing and future MARIA ecosystem

Important: All Cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments.

For us, $MARIA is NOT an investment > it is digital currency for our Ecosystem.

Total Supply


Algorithm: Quark

PoS (Proof of Stake)

Block Time

60 Seconds


100 Confirmations

Block Reward

888 $MARIA


88.80 $MARIA (10%)

MasterNode Reward

532.8 $MARIA (60%)

Staker Reward

266.4 $MARIA (30%)

Cryptocurrency Powering MARIA Ecosystem Payments

MARIA is an open-source and decentralized peer-to-peer currency, originated as a code fork from PIVX, featuring advanced user data protection features, community governance mechanisms, Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, and multi-purpose Masternodes.

Maria Payments

We plan to develop Maria Payments > a Non-Custodial Payment Gateway providing plugins for various ecommerce CMSs that make accepting multiple cryptocurrencies for their products and services as easy as entering your wallet addresses.

The idea is based on



The idea is based on the DASH Treasury. Every new block, apart from the awards to 1 MN holder and 1 Staker, will also contain 88.8 Maria Coins that are intended for the Treasury.

Treasury funds will be spent as follows: 50% on development and 50% on marketing only.

MARIACX - Coin Exchange

MariaCX will be a cryptocurrency coin exchange to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. We will offer an easy-to-use platform, that will allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrency with ease.

Maria Exchange development will be funded by the Treasury only.


Where to buy $MARIA coin?

$MARIA coin is available for purchase at one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange for Proof of Stake coins >

We will be adding more links in this section as the $MARIA coin gets listed at more and more cryptocurrency exchanges globally.

STAGE 1: Current Progress

$MARIA Coin:

  • Waiting for the approval to be listed at CoinGecko
  • Planning to launch a browser wallet
  • Planning to bring in a Masternodes systems administrator

Maria Payments:

  • Planing logical structure
  • Researching competitors
  • Organisation of future work processes

Maria CX (coin exchange):

  • “Intentions” stage.
  • “Mingling” with potential investors

MARIA Ecosystem Road-Map

Roadmaps can be tricky. We plan ours in small chunks and reasonable timeframes. This it is.


Planned: September 1st, 2023

Trading other cryptocurrencies against $MARIA coin = 0 fees

Will list all the coins that are accepted using "Maria Payments" gateway

BTC lightning integration

Whitelabel functionality

$MARIA Coin Road Map

July 2022: Wallet Alpha release

Testing functionality and UI

August 2022: $MARIA release - Public

Mining of the Genesis block, 1st 200 coins mined by PoW, switching over to Proof of Stake after the 200th block

August 2022: $MARIA Wallet release - Public

Linux and Windows wallets

August 2022: Blockexplorer - alpha stage - Public

What else to add: every cryptocurrency needs a Block Explorer

September 2022: Launch at StakeCube

Our exchange of choice to purchase various MasterNode coins, and also offers staking by default on applicable coins that are stored in their wallets.

September 2022: Launch at Flits

Flits is an amazing platform that provides users masternode hosting services, and runs from very user-friendly mobile apps (IOS and Android).

Core Team

Helmuts Meskonis

Helmuts Meskonis

Location: Maidstone, UK



$Maria Coin lead developer
Location: Nashville, USA

Armands Vijups

Armands Vijups

Maria Pay lead developer
Location: UK / Latvia

Core Advisery Board / Friends

We constantly think of what we’ve done and how we could be doing it even better.

Here is a list of only few experts in their fields we consult regularly to receive an advice, we like it or not. They are amazing!

Uldis Samajevs

Uldis Samajevs

West Circle LTD (UK)
Location: Maidstone, UK

A professional full-time webmaster and a SEO specialist, who is managing his own online communities that generate 2,5 million unique visitors/month



Location: Anonymous

One of the first cryptoartists in the world. His first NFTs were before CryptoPunks and Stones (this should be enough if you know the history of cryptoart).

Kristaps Kaupe

Kristaps Kaupe

Bitcoin Developer / BTC Maximalist
Location: Riga, UK

Bitcoin developer (JoinMarket, Bitcoin Core, etc). Bitcoin maximalist. Kristaps AKA Mr Mitcoin is our trustee on all matters of Bitcoin Lighting payments.

What We Aim to Achieve

Our plans for the first 12-24 months

$MARIA Listed in Exchanges
Numer of Exchanges: 1/10
Achieved 10%

Ultimate goal is to get listed at: Binance and Kraken

Maria CORE Wallets
Approx # of wallets: 120 / 10'000
Achieved 1.2%

Speculative number as we are unable to verify this number.

Masternodes: 150 / 300
Achieved 50%

1000 masternodes would result in average of 1 reward / 16 hrs

Developers: 2 / 3
Achieved 66.6%

Note: funded by the Treasury

No Stress Limited

No Stress Limited

Company number: 12629117

Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number: GB356688153000


Suite M6, Maidstone Old Library
St. Faiths Street, Maidstone
ME14 1LH, United Kingdom

No Stress Inc.

No Stress Inc.

Delaware State File Number: 3573224

HBS Record ID Number: 436007

Mail Address:

16192 Coastal Highway
Lewes, Delaware 19958 USA

Maria Ecosystem Family: HostMaria + Maria PaymentsMaria CX